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Our Features

Physical Therapist Can Create Exercise Plan for Child

During each visit with the physical therapist, they can create or edit the list of exercises the child has to do each day. It can be modified at any time.

Parents and Children Can Track Which Exercises They Are Supposed To Do

Each day, the parents and children work together to complete the child's exercise plan. The child gets points from doing exercises and can be rewarded by the parent or physical therapist based off the amount of points they have.

Easy-To-Read Reports on Exercises

Exercise reports for any given day are showcased in an easy-to-read interface. Progress is effeciently tracked and easy to understand.

Our Story

Hi, my name is Vijay Baliga and I'm a student at UC Berkeley! I wanted to make an app to help children with Cerebral Palsy (CP). I realized it would be helpful for kids, their therapists and their parents to monitor the exercises the kids had to do at home. And that's what CP-Fit is intended to do.


It was merely a passing idea a couple years ago and I did not know if I had the skills to develop it. But my parents and friends encouraged me to do it, so I decided to learn Swift and give it a shot. 

Once I had a decent understanding of the Swift Language, I developed the User-Interface. I got feedback from a doctor at Lucile Packard Children's Hospital in Stanford, CA and physical therapists including at California Children's Services (CCS). Their feedback was very helpful, including not sending any data via server to satisfy HIPAA regulations.

It was very difficult to integrate things like charts, so I had to use third party frameworks. Day by day, I tested the app and had people give me feedback. I made changes accordingly. 

Currently, the app is promoted in many hospitals and medical clinics spread throughout California and I am trying to spread more awareness about the app and helping those with CP. 

Expect new features in near future versions of the app and also an android version of the app! 

My website: https://www.vijaybaliga.com

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